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豬仔錢罌 Piggy banks

於七、八十年代成長的小朋友,幾乎人人都有一個豬仔錢罌。 新正頭,接過長輩利是,便把錢放入錢罌,待歲晚「劏開」豬仔,拿錢出來買新衫。

In the 70s and 80s, most children had piggy banks. They saved money from Chinese New Year red envelopes in the piggy bank. At the year-end, they would break it open to buy new clothes with the saved money.

七巧板 Tangram


Tangram is a puzzle game consisting of seven pieces of different-sized squares and triangles. It can be assembled into various geometric patterns through different combinations.

搖鼓 Pellet drum


Pellet drum is an ancient folk instrument and toy with a small drum, two pellets, and a handle. Rotating the handle causes the pellets to strike the drum, producing sound.

陀螺 A top


A top, is a toy that can spin around its central axis and balance on a pointed tip.

飛行棋 Aeroplane chess


Aeroplane chess is a cross-board game that simulates airplane flights as its main theme. The game involves airplanes taking off from an airport and flying to a destination, hence the name "Aeroplane chess."

扭計骰 Magic Cube


Magic Cube, also known as Rubik's Cube, is a three-dimensional puzzle game. It consists of a cube with different colors on each face. Players solve the puzzle by rotating and moving different layers of the cube to make each face a single color.

西瓜波 Watermelon Ball


Watermelon Ball, also known as Red and White Ball, has a surface predominantly composed of red and white stripes, resembling the appearance of a watermelon. It was a popular ball toy during the 1960s and 1970s in Hong Kong.

足毽 Jianzi


Jianzi, also known as shuttlecock, is a game apparatus made of feathers, paper, fabric, or other materials attached to a circular base. Nowadays, Jianzi has also become a formal competitive sport.